Autumn is the time to keep your car in good shape in the coming winter. Snow, rain, mud and salt will reduce the car’s finish. It’s time to protect it.

When rain falls on the ground, rain and snow will accumulate air pollutants, and when the water evaporates, it will end like a thin layer in the car. If it is not clean, it may cause damage. Salt is corrosive and can damage paint and chrome. If it gets stuck in the mud and gets stuck under the car, it can also cause rust.

In the early fall, check that the front wiper tank is filled with proper screen cleaning and adjust the concentration under winter conditions. The screen should contain antifreeze to prevent solidification when the temperature drops. Your wiper must also be in good condition and do not leave stains on the windshield. You can place a bag of silicone under the seat to absorb excess moisture from the windows inside the car (Hot Car Care).

The oil is very important for the normal operation of the car and should be checked and replaced if necessary to ensure proper lubrication.

It is also important to check the condition of the tires (including spare tires) as additional grip is required in winter. The tread must be above the legal limit and any wear must be uniform. Tire pressure must be recommended by the manufacturer.

As winter light decreases, it is important to ensure that all lights work before capturing. You must also check if your car is in sync with the service and your speakers are working properly.

Due to the high energy requirements for deicers and lamps, winter batteries can be used extra. Cold start consumes more energy because the car is thicker in winter. Check that the battery’s contact terminals are clean and the battery is secure. Replace if necessary.

If you still don’t have roadside assistance options in the event of a failure, consider purchasing them, and if you have ones, make sure they are always up to date. You don’t want to be with others to help you.

Deep cleaning and waxing in the fall will help protect it in the coming months. Cleaning will remove any contaminants already present in the car and the wax will form a protective layer to protect the coating. There are many car cleaning products that will keep your car in good condition, but don’t just choose the economical option, because your car is one of the most expensive things you will buy, so it’s worth keeping good.

When winter arrives, please wash your car regularly, especially if you are driving on a salty road. Don’t forget to wash the wheels and the landing gear. Hand washing is better than automatic cleaning, but more importantly, your vehicle removes contaminants rather than worrying about small scratches that may occur after washing. Carefully dry all joints, if possible, keep the windows low and fully drive the car for a few minutes with the heater. You can also use cutting products.

Ice in the car is a problem in the morning, but it is a problem that needs to be properly solved. It is not possible to use boiling water because the difference in temperature causes the glass to rupture. Don’t scratch your paint ice, you may scratch it. Heating windows is great, just like using a proper ice scraper. If you want to avoid ice accretion, put the car in the garage or buy a protective cover. When buying a car cover, make sure the seam is on the outside to avoid scratching, just place it in a clean, dry car (Hot Car Care) and keep the lid and belt away from the gas. Hot exhaust.