Most Important Things to Look For When Shopping For “xenon brenner

Compatible with your vehicle

The first thing to check is whether the HID kit is compatible with your car or truck. You must check the type of bulb used for the vehicle’s original headlights (high beam, low beam, high beam and low beam). Some HID toolkit sites (eg Ultimate HID Kits) will check this for you.

Easy to install

You need to make sure the xenon lamp or xenon brenner kit is ready for use. Many companies claim that their HID kits are plug-and-play, but actually require many modifications to the headlights and wiring. Check the website carefully. If in doubt, please ask the seller.

Strong guarantee

Check that the HID kit contains a strong warranty. Most companies offer some type of guarantee, usually six months to two years. The high quality HID kit has a longer warranty. For example, the Ultimate HID kit comes with a 15-year warranty. Also make sure all parts are covered, including the light bulb. These are the most common parts of the error.

Also check out how to get a warranty replacement. Many retailers of the HID suite are located in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. They ask you to send the HID kit to everyone and pay for two-way shipping. Try to find a company with an office in the US. UU saves shipping costs and changes quickly. Communication will be much easier.

Free shipping

Many companies offer attractive prices, but be aware that they often charge high shipping costs. Make sure your dealer offers free or low shipping. Always keep in mind the total cost of the HID kit.

Good price

Prices on the Internet vary widely, and HID kits range in price from $30 to $1,400. Of course, you are often paid. The cheap HID kit is like this: the cheap HID kit. But don’t pay too much for the HID team. Reasonable prices range from $100 to $200, depending on the characteristics of the complete helium kit.

Fast delivery

Many companies will ship their kits directly from Asian manufacturers. It is expected to be completed in 6-8 weeks. Preferably, it is ordered from a retailer with offices and warehouses in the United States. Cargo transportation will be much faster and will not be delayed due to customs.

Customer service

Have you ever sent an email to the retailer and asked you to wait for an answer forever? Or receive an email with broken English. Customer service is very important. Make sure retailers are professional, reliable and responsive to your problems. If you do not receive a response by email within 24 hours, please flee.

Digital ballast, thin ballast

HID lighting technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Many manufacturers continue to produce very old technologies with reliability issues. Your best bet is to find the latest and latest technology you can find. SLIM ballasts are at the forefront of technology. Ballasts are much smaller than old ballasts and offer rugged electronics with incredible reliability and durability. They take up much less space and are therefore easier to install. Even small vehicles. Visit the Ultimate HID Kit to view images of ultra-thin digital ballasts.

Reliable company

Unfortunately, there are many “night-flying” companies on the Internet. Make sure you buy from an approved company. Check your website to make sure the design is professional, send an email and see if your answer is professional. Soon you will understand this business. Night flights can offer attractive prices, but will they send kits? When they need a warranty, will they be there?

Xenon brenner- 35W to 55W

The last factor to check is that you want a 35W or 55W HID headlight. Of course, 55W will produce more light, but the HID kit will be more expensive and the bulb won’t last that long. If the kit you want to buy is suitable for you, please consult your dealer.

I hope the above information can help you buy a HID kit or a xenon lamp or xenon brenner for your vehicle.