So, “basic contraction” will burn fat from the waist, right? Not really, no matter who told you, it was just misguided. However, burning fat at the waist is the sum of all the muscle masses used during training. The more muscle you have, the more efficient your fat burns. Doing taekwondo in a heavy bag requires not only a lot of muscle, but also a lot of cardiovascular exercise. This technical name is “more money”! Most people now know the many benefits of heavy bags and know that Taekwondo (Box Certificationing) is a good exercise. Have we forgotten a problem? Yes In fact, most people, especially if they have limited experience in these things, get bored during training because they can’t think of what they throw in. I am not saying that they can’t think of “no”, they can definitely: don’t forget to throw a jab, a cross, a hook, kick, and then do it again and again, they meet an outdated and boring Routine business. You know, constant thinking requires a lot of spiritual energy. “Well, now, what should I do?” When your exercise involves this “floating”, turn around and turn, your mind will feel tired and bored, suddenly you The exercise program no longer excites you. What you need is a very structured step-by-step plan that tells you the specifics of each round. When you use it, your workout will be great! It’s more fun when your brain is relaxed and all your energy can reach the “performance” of your workout, rather than “creating” your workout! When you search the web, you will find that many people offer you a combination during the training. This is good. You can write it down and hope to remember them while doing your daily work. A complete system has been developed that will allow you to complete all of these “leg work.” You can read everything by linking it in the “References” section of this article. It’s easier to maintain consistency in your exercise habits when doing something fun, fun, productive, and things you don’t have to think about. All you have to do is show yourself: put the worksheet in front of you, set up your timer (provided as a free app on your smartphone) and let the program take you from one place to another. This may be the best exercise in your life!

So why do you want to practice taekwondo instead of going to the gym?

Here’s why Taekwondo (Boxing Certification) is an excellent sport:

  • You will practice a form of self-defense. You spend time on precious things. And you will incorporate elements such as distance, time, balance, technique, and effective combination into your muscle memory.
  • You will be in good cardiovascular form (your heart and arteries).
  • It will keep your body (skeleton, muscles and joints) healthy and allow you to fully enjoy life when you are old.
  • This is a great workout for your ABS and core!

He will exercise purpose, not just spend energy, such as most machines, aerobics, augmentation and so on. Instead, he will be busy focusing on technology and visualization to hit the opponent and trying to keep improving his shots. , balance, strength, speed, mobility, athletic ability, etc… This eliminates the heavy burden of exercise. It’s interesting. You will work hard and it is hard to call it “happy”, but I mean you will like it, which is very important.  Music is also an important part of this equation; it contributes to the overall “feeling” of the conference. You will play your favorite training melody, which will help you continue.This is very effective. You can do all of this at the same time: aerobics, weight loss, reinforcement, flexibility, abdominal/abdominal, learning self-defense, etc., all in a 45-minute workout. It’s done at home, so it’s very convenient. You have a plan that you can use for the rest of your life, you don’t have to go to the gym or drive, pay membership fees and more. This saves a lot of time and trouble. In a year, you will save countless hours on your own!