You should check your baggage before leaving. If I want to be very careful, I will use non-toxic insect repellent inside and outside my suitcase. Use only safe and natural sprays to avoid contaminating your personal items with toxic pesticides. There are several types of best bed bug killer in form of travel sprays that are easy to use and non-toxic.

I want to rest more easily by using products that claim to be safe for pets and children, such as the Green Rest Easy Travel spray. It comes in two two-ounce packages and is ideal for carrying luggage. With the taste of cinnamon, it has no unpleasant chemical odor caused by toxic pesticides.

If the hotel offers it, please hang your clothes in the dry cleaning bag in the closet. Your clothes should be as far away as possible from the bed and outside the carpet. Plan ahead and bring your own dry cleaning bag to protect your clothes from bed bugs and if found use best bed bug killer.

Personally, I took off my clothes in the bathroom and, if possible, I could hang my clothes in the shower to avoid contact with the ground. If you travel a lot, it is best to wear a hanger. If necessary, you can hang your clothes on the shower tray. As an extra precaution, bring your own clear plastic bag and hang it inside.

What do you do if you are frightened, returning to the hotel from your trip and discovering bugs in your suitcase? You can throw clothes into the dryer because heat will kill them. But how to eliminate the baggage error?

Surprisingly, there are some things that are available for this particular problem. This is a portable heating device for killing the bed bug Pack Tite, designed for this purpose.

From egg to adult, PackTite Bed Bug Killer will kill you at every stage of development. Without using any chemicals, you can set the timer to a warm-up time of up to six hours! I am sure it is enough to kill any insects in the baggage.

Although leisure travelers may not need this unit, they may need to avoid insects on the hotel bed.

All in all, here are fourteen steps to prevent bed bugs from reaching the hotel:

  1. Check the hotel online before the holiday to see if there are any complaints about bed bugs.
  2. If you need to change the hotel, please list the names, phone numbers and addresses of other hotels in the area.
  3. Be sure to install a non-toxic mosquito repellent and several large sealed Hefty bags.

Before putting your clothes in the suitcase, tie them to the Hefty bag. Even if insects try to get into your suitcase, it ensures that you won’t put them in your clothes.

  1. If you need, you can prepare extra hangers so you can hang your clothes in the shower.
  2. If you suspect an infection, an emergency wash may be required. So be sure to pack the washing powder and the dormitory.
  3. Bring everything you absolutely need in your hotel room.
  4. When you arrive at the hotel or motel, visually inspect your room before storing your luggage. Be sure to check every place where bed bugs can be hidden.
  5. Use only non-toxic aerosols to spray the trunk outdoors, away from insects.


Make luggage as much as possible and put the luggage on the floor.

  1. Do not put discarded clothes on the floor. If you no longer use it, use it immediately, using a strong, resealable bag.
  2. Wash with hot water before leaving in the morning.
  3. Spray the outside with a non-toxic spray before putting the suitcase back in the car.
  4. Once at home, empty all contents of the Hefty bag in a very hot wash and dry at elevated temperatures. Spray again before taking the suitcase home.

Now you know that you have taken every possible precaution to avoid insects on the hotel bed.