Barcode and the technology into it

You might have been in the grocery shop and been thrilled how the barcode makes your purchase so fast. They are the example of the leading technology that has simplified our life. Almost all the material available in a shop has a barcode attached to it. It simplified the process of the shop to keep track of all the items that are available in the shop. It helps to keep a centralized track and record of all the product’s prices, quantity, and availability.

What is the barcode system?

A barcode system is a process of keeping recording with the barcode components. Three are mainly three parts to this system:

The database

The database is the backbone of the system. Without it, the whole barcode system is parlayed. The database keeps track of all the products available or unavailable. It is like a virtual storehouse. The database helps to maintain a list of the entire product sold and the products that need to be refilled in the future.

The barcode

The barcode found on the products are strips of black and white lines. The lines are a color representation of the number from 0 to 9. Each number is a unique representation of combinations of white and black lines. There are in total seven units in each number. The units in the number are filled with colors. It may seem difficult to read the number with the naked eye, but with practice, you will be doing good with it.

Well, the barcode is not limited to that. If you have noticed that, the barcode used is pretty long. Well, that long barcode is not required to update just the database. That has more information attached to it. The barcode conveys three types of information.

  • The first half speaks of the country the product has been issued.
  • The second half speaks of the product manufacturer.
  • The last half defines itself.

Different product has different ways of expressing the informing about them. This varies from manufacturers to manufactures. Some manufacturer also uses Universal Product Code (UPC), which is a barcode with a number printed underneath it to recognize products that have damaged code.

Barcode scanner

As told earlier that the barcode is strips of the line that simplifies our manual attempts, to make the work faster a scanner is used to identify any types of code. Due to the wide varieties of barcode model, the barcode scanner is also available in wide range with sophisticated technology to recognize any kind of barcode. Well, the basic functioning is explained below:

  1. The scanner shoots laser light onto the barcode.
  2. As we know that black absorbs light while reflects. Therefore, when the light falls on the black and white strips, the light on the white strips reflects more of the light while the black reflects negligible light.
  3. A photoelectric cell receives the reflected light. Hence, it can also be viewed that it receives only the light that has fallen on the white strips.
  4. The microchip in the scanner inputs the data, black as 0 and white as 1.


The barcode has made thing faster to process. There are technologies that have come up but the barcode is still going to be used by shops.