As a well-known champion would point out, even if poker rules are simple, they require a lifetime to apprehend. Regarding live tournaments, here are some tips to survive in this particular universe.

That’s the size of the account

Our human mind is unfortunately conditioned and we too often have the habit of believing that size matters. And … our spirit at 100% right!

When it comes to poker, and especially during Live, you always have to evaluate your chances (or rather your risks) by analyzing the carpets of your competitors. Indeed, it is essential to determine the “available” blinds in order to define your own strategy. All your ”  Call  ” depend on it, especially at the beginning of the game like kiss918!

Put your “big” tokens prominently

It’s a playground trick, but you have to highlight your juiciest chips. Indeed, as stated in the context of the error mentioned a few lines ago, it is necessary that your opponents can gauge your strike force. This will prevent you from being the target of several players to make you crack.

Of course, you will make some enemies … Besides, always remember to “tell” your action when you use your big chips so that a “raise” does not become a modest “call”.

Each player has their own strategy

As in many disciplines (football, volleyball, handball, etc …), do not try to beat the “ball”, but his opponents. To focus too much on the game like kiss918, you will lose time and energy!

The goal is to identify the strategy of your opponents to better counter them. By putting yourself in their place, you can anticipate their actions and thus take them back.

Online poker algorithm

Who says online poker, says technology, says algorithm in shambles. Indeed, each poker site must have the most fair play algorithm possible so that each player has a chance to win winnings. The algorithm related to the distribution of cards is debated at this time.

Faking? Bad Beats in shambles? Role of ARJEL?

Many players have not had one (or more) good hand questioning the integrity of an online poker site. Whether on the forums or during live tournaments, the doubts related to the algorithms responsible for distributing cards exist. Clearly, the reliability of these software is essential to ensure a clean and fair game like kiss918 climate.

Online poker sites know this and must, in any case, respect the specifications of the ARJEL . The demands of the policeman of online gambling are clear: equi-probability of the “distributor” of cards, the impossibility of predicting distributions and the impossibility of rendering the algorithms vulnerable.

Beat the cards to stay unsuspected

Specifically, all online poker rooms have set up generators (also called GNA) shielded algorithms so that each distribution is fair and strictly random. For example, well-known platforms like Winamax or PokerStars use the “science” of the algorithms developed by Quantis.

It is important to note that beyond these investments made by online poker rooms, independent organizations verify the reliability of the algorithms used. There is therefore a double security to avoid the arrangements between the companies producing algorithms and online poker rooms.

This will never prevent players from believing that some software is faked, but the technological efforts are there. Moreover, this defiance of the players is above all psychological . In other words, why would they trust a dealer more than an algorithm when the latter is much less vulnerable than the first?